Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fifth Avenue Half-Moon

Remember China Glaze Innocence from Monday?  Monday seems so far away now.  For this week's pink manicure I gave the half-moon manicure another try and am loving the results.  On top of Monday's nail color I added two coats of China Glaze Fifth Avenue.

This photo was taken before clean up.  I was cleaning my kitchen and wanted to snap a quick photo in case I damaged a nail and guess what - I did damage one.  I used Out the Door as my top coat and ended up with major tip shrinkage on several of my nails.  Eeek.

Some half-moon manicure tips:

  • Apply a top coat (and allow it to try) before putting down tape.  I found that without a top coat my tape would sometimes lift the base color right off my nail when I removed the tape.
  • If you place the outer edge of the inner circle's circumference at the base of your cuticle it creates a very evenly sized half-moon on each finger.  

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