Wednesday, October 5, 2011


When you see pink you know it's Wednesday!  After spending the day with Zoya Felicity on my nails it's hard for me to understand why I bought this polish almost a year ago and didn't wear it until now.

The description that Zoya provides about Felicity is what drew me to this color in the first place:
Soft dusty tea-rose pink with champagne and bright pink duochrome shimmer and flecks of gold.  Multifaceted, magical and very unique, definitely not your average plain pink.

I agree!  It's a truly lovely, magical shade.  I'm also super pleased with how well my manicure held up today; I was terrible on my nails.  I spent all day setting up a standard test method for laboratory evaluation of sacrificial anode test specimens and in the process I used my nails as a scissors, flat-head screw driver, tweezers, wire twister, and pliers.  Not a single chip or tear, and hardly any signs of wear.  The down side to Felicity is that it's still sheer after two coats so any dirt under the fingernail shows up a little too well.

Please pardon the poor cuticle condition.  It's been very hard to keep them in anything less than a semi-arid condition with what I've been up to.

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