About Me

Hello, my name is Kristen!  

I originally started this blog as "No More Nail Biting" in April of 2011 because I was sick of having short ugly nails.  Nails that I would hide by always having my hands in loose fists.  Nails I would try to grow out with acrylics.  Nails that I was ashamed of.  Now I seriously cannot believe that my own natural nails are this long.  

Updating this blog has held me accountable for my actions as a former nail biter and for that I am very proud.  You can track my progress for stopping biting my nails by clicking here.  I love that I have nails that I never thought I'd have.  Trying to stop biting after a quarter of a century of doing it was not, is not, an easy task. To all you other nail biters out there I'd like to say there is hope!  

Sometimes I revert back to old habits and my nails will be short.  It's not something that I like to have happen but stopping old habits is a very long process.  

When I'm not polishing the tiny canvasses on the ends of my digits, I am a senior mechanical engineer at a manufacturing site and enjoy playing with my cat and reading.  


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