Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oxidized Aqua

Let me start off by saying I love love love this color.  I've seen the crackles for a while now but I've never felt compelled to buy them - plus I thought the colors were kind of ugly.  I want nail colors that are both fun, yet still acceptable for work, and the crackle polishes were just too out there. Hot pink?  No.  Gold? No.  Black? No.

And then I met Oxidized Aqua, a delightful blue with a metallic shimmer.  I was hooked!   When the polishes became available for purchase at Sally Beauty last Thursday I headed over and picked up my very own bottle.

I love the way the polish glitters in the sunlight:

I love the way the polish looks indoors:

Have I mentioned that I love this color?  I used Zoya Snow White for the base with China Glaze Oxidized Aqua on top.

I was running out of sunlight when I took these pictures so I skipped the polish clean up around the nail.  Of course I cleaned them up before work in the morning, but I wish I could get better control over the brush when I paint them the first time!

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