Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Color Changing Polish (Pt. 1)

Last Friday night a friend and I got together for a girls night.  We went to college together (plus she's one of my awesome sorority sisters!) but haven't gotten to see as much of each other since graduation.  Dinner plus nails was a nice way to spend time together.

My friend brought over a nail polish I'd been wanting to try: one of Del Sol's color changing polishes!  We did our nails at night and then spent a while fooling around with my camera trying to get an image that captured the color of the polish on my friend's nails.  I'll post some images of my own nails with the polish later, including what the polish looks like in the sunlight so you can see it in its color changing glory!

I think the photo closest to capturing the color is the middle photo, though there is a lot of shimmer and my nails mostly looked like the last photo.

We used Del Sol's Sassy for the base color stamped with Konad Special Polish in Black, the image from M.A.S.H. plate m26.

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