Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ASP Wrap Kit

Hello world, I'd like to introduce my new favorite product to you: ASP's Wrap Kit.  Previously I've shared another nail saving kit: Orly Nail Rescue.  However, I believe that ASP Wrap Kit is a better long-term nail saving product.  Here's the story.

Back in March I arrived at work to discover that my experiment had flooded the lab with water overnight.  This was obviously not good news as I had to spend a few hours that morning cleaning up the mess.  During the mopping, I drastically broke a nail.

Breaking a nail, especially one so far down, is a really annoying occurrence.  Frustrated, I threw on a bandage and kept working.  I knew that just up the road was a Sally's Beauty Supply and surely they had something that could keep my nail together.

On my lunch break I dashed up the road and scoured the shelves of Sally's Beauty Supply looking for a nail saving kit.  I found one in a package called ASP Wrap Kit.

The kit contained a wood stick, a nail file, brush-on glue, resin activator, pre-cut silk fingers and pre-cut fiberglass fingers.  Basically everything I needed to save my nail while I was at work without any of my nail care supplies.  I believe the cost of the kit was in the range of $15.

By the time I picked up this kit, the little broken nail flap had become completely detached so I was even more impressed that I was able to use the kit to save my nail.

Lunch time nail reconstruction was deemed a success!  I can't even tell my nail was glued back on in that photo.

To give you a better idea of how the kit works, that same day I wound up with a crack in my pointer finger nail, repaired it with this kit, and documented the process for your viewing pleasure.  Let's look at the crack I was dealing with.

Not too bad, but definitely one that could easily catch on something and tear completely off.  (If you look closely at the finer to the left of the cracked on, you can see the split I repaired with this nail kit earlier in the day.) The first step of the ASP Wrap Kit is to use a cotton ball soaked in acetone to remove any oil or lotion that may be remaining on your nail.

I then assembled the items I would need: glue, activator, and silk. The second step is to use a layer of glue on the nail, followed by a light misting of the activator to the nail surface.

With that step completed, the third step is to select a piece of silk the size of the nail I would need.

The fabric was then placed on the nail and the remaining excess was cut off.  The first time I used this kit I cut the excess off near the end and wound up having to file a lot to reshape my nail.  Cutting off the excess now was a much better idea.

With the silk sized and on my nail, the fourth step is to use a thin layer of glue, a mist of the activator, another layer of glue, and another mist of the activator.  This sandwiching did a fantastic job of holding the crack together.

Can you spot the crack?

Final verdict: I think the ASP Wrap Kit is a must have.  The silk wraps held up phenomenally to an assault of pure acetone and lasted for 17 days when I had to file the silk off of my nail in order to remove the wrap.  I did have to reapply nail glue and activator to the surface of my nail about every three polish changes, but this is a much longer period for me than what I'm able to achieve with Orly Nail Rescue.  The other advantage the ASP Wrap Kit has over Orly Nail Rescue, is that Nail Rescue tends to produce bulky areas on my nail bed that you have an odd shape (like my middle finger here).  I didn't feel as though that was an issue while using the silk wraps.

One last picture, a before an after while using ASP Wrap Kit.

What do you think?


  1. Wow that is truly amazing! This has just made my must have list. I will be picking this up asap. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you for that review and detailed instructions! I always love to learn what else is out there for nail care.

  3. Thanks for the review, I have a thumb nail tear I've been nursing. I need to go pick this up !

  4. wow looks like that thing really saved your nail! I didn't have something like that happened to me before, but now I know what to do when it does.



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