Monday, April 29, 2013

NerdLacquer I Think You Call Me . . . Sexy

Recently I acquired some NerdLacquer polishes from a friend who didn't desire them as much as she'd originally anticipated.  Her loss is my gain however, as my Nerd collection grows to 6.5 gorgeous shades.  For some reason I've only shown one of them previously, and that was over a year ago on nubs.  So settle in and prepare for a visual smörgåsbord of nerdalicious polishes.

I'm starting with all my Dr. Who themed polishes.  The first was inspired by an episode of Dr. Who called The Doctor's Wife, from Series 6.  It was written by author Neil Gaiman, an author I've really come to enjoy after reading his novels such as Neverwhere.

The video below shows the scene from The Doctor's Wife.  I've skipped ahead to the most relevant part, but feel free to rewind and watch all the interactions between the Doctor and Idris.

This is probably one of the best scenes from Dr. Who and one of the most memorable.

Today I'm wearing three coats of NerdLacquer I Think You Call Me . . . Sexy.  It's a Tardis blue polish with medium hexagonal blue and silver glitter, and little holo glitter bits thrown in.  It's gorgeous, just like the Tardis herself.

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