Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kiko Sugar Mat 639 and 641

Textured polishes seems to be quite the thing this year.  OPI, Zoya, Milani, and Barry M all have polishes available now that have a gritty, sandpaper finish.  Kiko Make Up Milano recently released their own line of textured polishes they call Sugar Mat polishes.  My friend Candice from Mademoiselle Candy was able to get two of the shades for me.  I love them!  

Here I'm wearing two coats of Kiko Sugar Mat 641 Strawberry Pink on my nails with Kiko Sugar Mat 639 Golden Mandarin on my accent nail.

Compared to the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes, I found that the drying time of the Sugar Mats were a lot faster.  The sparkle inherent in the polish is also different: Pixie Dust contains silver micro and fine glitter, while the Sugar Mat contains fine gold glitter (thereby creating more of a shimmer than a glitter finish).

I'll definitely be wearing these polishes again and highly recommend the Sugar Mat polishes.


  1. The texture on these looks a little finer than the Zoyas and OPIs... I like it, much more subtle but still fun and trendy ;) Beautiful colors on you, too.



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