Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding Pedicure

In October I was in a wedding.  Everyone in the bridal party had matching nails (my doing).  We all had french manicures and then added a bright color to our toes: OPI I'm All Ears.  We had open toed shoes and changed into matching flip flops for the dancing part of the reception.  I'd used I'm All Ears as my underwear for the heart glitter topper from the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection but I'd never photographed it on its own until now.

This one was a pain to photograph.  I couldn't capture the deep color of the polish so let's just pretend this is more magenta colored.  Within this jelly polish are blue and purple glass flecks that catch the light and throw off million of little pink sparkles.  

With the word pedicure in the title did you think you were going to get toe pictures?  I did wear this on my toes but I'm not that cruel!  Pictured here are three coats of I'm all Ears.  Lovely color.    

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