Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Wednesday Anymore But...

Apparently I wasn't meant to wear pink on Wednesday but I tried, I really did.  The plan was to come home from work, polish my nails while doing laundry, and then walk to a class lab.  My plan was perfect, foil-proof.

And then I found my self in my car making an unexpected drive just minutes after painstakingly adorning the tips of my digits with the delightful pink Zoya Portia.  Seven of my ten tiny canvasses had gouges or dents in the polish.  Declaring this polish ruined beyond repair I headed to Walgreens to grab more cotton balls (I would need them, drenched with acetone to remove this calamity).  I snapped a quick picture of my three undamaged nails before heading into the store...where I managed to wreck the polish on those nails too.

I've never had a bottle of Zoya polish like this before - this one stunk to high heavens and gave me an instant headache.  Some people joke that environmental engineers have the worst sense of smell because we're used to smelling sewage all day.  I don't know if that's true or not but my boyfriend can always tell when I've been doing my nails in our apartment even hours afterwards...and I never smell a thing.  Other than the smell, Zoya Portia was a nice polish, applying smoothly with some streaks and was very shiny even without a top coat.

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