Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm in love with the color Savage from Sinful Colors! I'm also totally bummed that I can't capture the true color of it with my camera.  I've taken a picture outdoors, indoors (in every room of my apartment) and still nothing comes close to truly capturing the dark teal color.

A quick internet search revealed that I'm not the only one with troubles, there are plenty of Google image results that look just like the blue my camera thinks this polish is.  I'm surprised that most of the people out there say that this color is matte - mine is definitely not.  Perhaps the label on my bottle is wrong.

Thats SO Fresh's picture of Savage isn't as dark as mine:

Creative and Polished's picture is probably the closest to how mine appears:

I didn't realize it till after I'd done my nails that I've used Savage before as a base for a paisley manicure.  That however, was before I became acquainted with the art of cleaning up (or moisturizing) after a manicure so please ignore the polish everywhere.  The color here isn't accurate either.

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