Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 6: Half-Moon Manicure

The challenge for week six of the 52 Week Challenge was to create a half-moon manicure.  I've done a couple of half-moon designs before but this time I wanted to spice it up.  I originally saw this style of half-moon from Colores de Carol and thought it would be perfect for me to try.  Then I ran across this funky design from the Daily Nail and fell in love.  You see, I'd stopped stamping because I was bored of using just black, white, and silver.  I want to start doing more stamping but with colors!  Lots and lots of colors!

For this manicure I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Choco-Latte as the base, then I stamped plate m57 on top using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Out.  I mixed a drop of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White with two drops of Sinful Colors Nirvana to make the light brown spots.  This I topped with a light coat of Out the Door.  Next up came the hole reinforcement tape and four coats of Zoya America.  My word, I didn't realize how much the spots would still show through with that many coats of America.  And you can still seem them (from the distance the photos were taken, not from normal viewing distance).  A final topping of Seche Vite and everything was beautiful!  This was much more involved than my previous half-moon designs but a good way for me to unwind after a very stressful week.

Speaking of think you have gotten rid of a terrible habit and then eight hours of testing later you discover that no, that habit is still there.  Le sigh.  I've got short nails now but I'm hoping they'll grow fast.

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  1. OMG I love these! Such a great job. Very chic

  2. Nice!
    I too love to unwind/destress with nail polishing. The whole process is so calming for me. That's what I keep telling my husband to justify all my polish purchases.

  3. I tagged you in the 11 questions tag! :)

  4. Cute!! Mine was similar...great minds think alike!!

    1. I loved your zebra, great minds do think alike!

  5. I LOVE the leopard spots!

  6. Very cute! I always tell my hubby that my polish budget is still cheaper than a therapist LOL. We all need our escapes and our me time, women especially need to pamper ourselves at least here and there.



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