Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NerdLacquer Gorramit

This was my last NerdLacquer polish back in May.  Since then, I've added three more NerdLacquer polishes to my collection which you'll also be seeing in the coming weeks. Today I'm showing you NerdLacquer Gorramit.  Gorramit is my least favorite NerdLacquer, and the first NerdLacquer I purchased.

Since this was my last NerdLacquer in May, this is when I actually swatched the polish.  If I ever do a purge, this will probably one that doesn't make the cut; I don't like wearing it.

Gorramit is a polish from NerdLacquer's Firefly Collection.  Gorramit was used an alternative to a swear word in old western movies, and since Firefly is a sci-fi western, the use of that phrase in the series was natural.

Shown here is three coats of NerdLacquer Gorramit. It's a golden based glitter packed with pieces of red, orange, and yellow glitter.

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