Tuesday, May 15, 2012

High Contrast Brights

I've been absolutely craving bright colors this season.  I've been craving bright colors so much so than on a recent trip to Walgreens for just cough drops I picked up Wet n Wild Lavender Crème.  I couldn't just leave this polish alone however, so I added two coats of Sticks 'n Stones from Cover Bands Lacquers.

I love the high contrast between the pink, white, and black.  I had trouble with the black square glitter staying attached to my nail (even with top coat) and ended up picking a couple off throughout the course of a day.  Using a cheaper polish (Wet n Wild) made me really appreciate the formula on more expensive polishes (example: Zoya) because by the end of one day of wearing this polish I had a lot of tip wear several large chunks of polish missing.

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