Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 24: Inspired by a BOOK

Welcome to Day 24 on the Longest 31 Day Challenge Ever!  Tonight I'd like to share Inspired by a BOOK.  You'll have to humor me on this design because it's about to get real nerdy in here.  Looking to catch up? Check out my previous designs here.

The book that I'm basing this design on is called Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications.  My research focuses on developing novel water softening processes which requires me to read a lot of materials on ion exchange.  So how does this translate into a manicure?

Well ion exchange resign (divinylbenzene polystyrene) looks like small orange/clear beads:

Which translates in nail art terms to this:

I picked up clear mirobeads from the art store, and after using two coats of Zoya Tamsen poured the beads on top.  While Tamsen isn't the focus here, I'd like to note that I was very pleasantly surprised by the formula on it.  Tamsen was opaque after one coat, applied very smoothly, wasn't watery, and was a pleasure to clean up (for me, reds typically aren't).  While Tamsen was still wet, I liberally poured the microbeads on top.  I was pretty bummed that these supposed "clear" beads weren't really clear; they had hints of pale yellow, blue, red, green, purple, etc. and these colors show up on the nail instead of reflecting the orange-red of Tamsen like I'd hoped.

Ah well.  Maybe I'll try this again someday when I find truly clear beads.  Have you tried the divinylbenzene polystyrene manicure trend?


  1. Oh, I love those micro beads...I must find me some clear ones!

    1. If you find truly clear ones let me know where you find them at!



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