Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

Today I have a neat gradient plus stamping manicure to show you.  I've combined three of my favorite Zoya summer colors together and topped everything with sparkles and combination animal print stamp.  I've been admiring Zoya Wednesday since their promotional photos for the 2012 Beach and Surf Collection appeared on the internet.  Because I'm a sucker for punishment I held off on purchasing it; but finally it is mine!

For this manicure I painted my whole nail using Zoya Wednesday, a gorgeous green turquoise cream.  Then I sponged Zoya Mira over 2/3s of my nail.  Mira is what I think of when I think of the colors purple, not too dark but not too light.  On my tips I ended up using a stripe of Zoya Kieko, then sponged a little bit of it around to blend it (I couldn't get Kieko dark enough simply by sponging).  Because I'm in love with a little bit of sparkle, and I really think glitter ties everything together, I added a coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine Kaleidoscope. Finally, I stamped M.A.S.H. plate m78 on top using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out.  The final effect?  A pretty wild manicure for me to wear.  What do you think?

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