Friday, January 27, 2012


"Say my name, say my name.  If no one is around you, say baby I  - "

Oh, hi there!  I didn't see you come in.  Today I have a quick post to show you one of the polishes I picked up during the People Magazine Zoya holiday promotion.  This polish is Kristen from their Winter FEEL collection. And I was thrilled, thrilled! when Zoya decided to spell this polish as Kristen and not Kristin, Christen, Christin, Krysten, Krystin, and so on and so forth.  Because anyone named Kristen would tell you that this is the best way to spell the name :D

Okay - on to the nail polish!

I think Kristen is a beautiful, soft blue-grey color that looks amazing.  The blue gives the grey the little extra oomph it needs to stand out from other greys I've seen.  I received numerous compliments on this color while I was wearing it and will probably be sporting it again soon.

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