Monday, December 19, 2011

Ruby Pumps

I've previously confessed that I don't typically wear red colors, or warm colors even, on any sort of a regular basis.  It was on a whim the other day that I picked up China Glaze's Ruby Pumps while I was at Sally's because I've heard so many people raving about the color.  The red looks so dark in bottle I was actually hesitant to try it out.

Ruby Pumps is such a glorious red.  It's like a Macintosh apple red that absolutely glows from within.  The red glitter suspended in a red base reminds me of glowing embers in a campfire.

My only complaint about this polish is that it is so hard to clean up off of flooded cuticles.  You can still see around the edges of some of my nails that I still have polish visible.

Even if red is not your favorite color, China Glaze Ruby Pumps is a must have.

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