Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are We There Yet?

I don't usually buy OPI polish.  I'd never owned an OPI color until September when I found one on clearance at a grocery store (a very random find) and to this day it's still an untried.  But when I was researching colors for my Wear to Work series I came across the descriptions for their Fall 2011 Touring America Collection and knew I had to have Are We There Yet?.  Why?  They've based the color on the city where I live - Milwaukee, WI.

The description for Are We There Yet? says:
Leather, lipstick and a touch of elegance... "biker chic" never looked so good.  The next time you're Touring America, make a pit stop at Milwaukee's Oktoberfest (the oldest Oktoberfest in the USA). You've never seen so many babes, bikes (and beer!) in one place.  
It totally makes sense that this is an orange color, not just because the color orange is often-times associated with October, but because Harley-Davidson is an iconic symbol of Milwaukee and its colors are orange and black.  I'm not much of a color-naming person (I would simply call this orange-pink), so I'm going to quote Scrangie when she says that it is "a really light salmony-coral orange with a hint of shiny pink/gold duochrome shimmer."  That sounds so much nicer when she says it!

Sadly my photos make this color appear very orange, when it reality it is much more coral and pink.  I love corals and this color is no exception.  I should also remark on the formula; it's exquisite.  I can totally understand why there are so many OPI fans out there!

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