Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Petal Pink

This is a scheduled post because I'm in China! 
(Read more about my trip to China here)

I have pinks in my nail polish collection, sure, but most are bright bold colors.  Lacking are the soft pinks that would match the pinks in my wardrobe!  I picked up this color from my local Walgreens because it was on sale but had I known it was a jelly I would have tried a different color.  I'm usually a two-coat girl but this was five coats, wow, and I still have visible nail line (VNL).  Very true to a typical jelly in the sheer color and how shiny it is.

The color was so sheer and the formula was so thin that I had a hard time seeing where the polish went as I was applying it.  As such I got it everywhere and I am still working on the clean-up at this time.

I smudged my thumb :(

This is essie's Petal Pink, all five ridiculous coats of it.

Why do most people take pictures of the nails while holding a bottle of polish in their hand?  Is it because they feel awkward holding nothing?  I have big hands and I feel awkward trying to fit a little bottle of polish in my hand.  What are your thoughts on this?

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