Monday, August 8, 2011

Wild for You Pt. 1

This is a scheduled post because I'm in China!

The nail polish theme of the week, as determined by the Polish-aholics Anonymous group on Facebook, is Animal Print/Animals.  Not normally my thing but that's the reason I joined this group - to try nail polish designs outside of my comfort zone.  This manicure did just that and helped me to get better at stamping.

These pictures are of my right hand because it wasn't until the time I'd done 4/5ths of my left hand I had stamping with this pattern and color under control.  I started with Bundle Monster plate BM-221 but the leopard image wasn't transferring well to the stamp.  I switched to M.A.S.H. plate m57 with much better results.  Now the image that was transferring to the stamp and my nail was showing up clearly but there was a lot of nail polish on the stamp itself.  This caused several of the spots to become closed circles and smudge when I rolled the stamp across my nail.  If I gently rolled (little pressure) the stamp across the design and my nail it was able to transfer beautifully.  Too much pressure and it was smudged and dark and ugly.

I'm guessing this is a function of the engraved plate and of the Konad Special Polish in Black that I was using. I usually stamp with white, black is just too dark for me plus it's a pain to clean up!

The bad hand - my spots all smudged.

Successful Fauxnaud - I have spots!

The base color is Zoya Crystal with Konad Special Polish in Black stamped on top using M.A.S.H. plate m57.

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