Thursday, July 12, 2012

SoFlaJo Swatches

I recently got around to ordering a few polishes from SoFlaJo.  I've been watching this brand since their debut at the beginning of the year but just hadn't managed to complete the final steps to actually buying a polish.  I'm not an impulsive polish buyer when it comes to purchasing polish on the internet so it wasn't until the beginning of July that I caved and bought my two favorite polishes from SoFlaJo's current line.

All of these polishes use a coat of Nail Life Nail Revitalizer as a base boat and one coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat on top.  For layering combinations I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On for the light color and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out for the dark color (one coat of each).  I do not know if it is the polish or the insane heat wave South Eastern Wisconsin is experiencing, but I could not get these polishes to not bubble.  Thin coats, adequate drying time, days between when I wore each polish, nothing seemed to help.

One last (glaringly obvious) thing: my nails have broken and are not anywhere near the length I'd like them to be.  They still so much longer than they were when I started this blog, just not as long as they were in my previous posts.  If you look really hard at my ring finger in my last post, you can see the line going across my nail where it broke.  :(

Summer Breeze

Three coats of Summer Breeze

Two coats of Summer Breeze

SoFlaJo Summer Breeze is pretty awesome duochrome polish.  This polish was recently released as part of the SoFlaJo Life's a Beach Collection.  It's sheer with specks of pink/purple glitter and a blue shine.  SoFlaJo's website claims it has green thrown in but I didn't notice any in the day that I wore it by itself.  I loved wearing it by itself.  I kept looking down at my hands and admiring the changing colors.  This is definitely a polish I'll be turning to when I need something akin to pallet cleansing for my nails.

I don't know how I feel when I layer this over white and black.  The way it looks over white isn't that attractive to me, the colors seem to fade and blend together more.  I do like the way Summer Breeze appears over black, its got a black pearl quality that seems rather nice, it's just too dark for me to wear.  Layering Summer Breeze over black does really empathize the duochrome nature of the polish and make it more pronounced.  

Champagne Cocktail

Four coats of Champagne Cocktail

Two coats of Champagne Cocktail

SoFlaJo Champagne Cocktail is a silver holographic polish with a little extra pizzazz thrown in in the way of small hexagonal silver glitters, medium hexagonal silver glitters, silver bar glitter, and crescent moons.  I think the crescent moons are weird and the medium hexagonal glitters/bar glitters seem out of place but I love the small hexagonal glitters.  This is a linear silver holographic polish but those little silver glitters scatter the light around and send off sparkles everywhere.  It's sheer genius to add extra flair to a linear holographic polish like this.  It's important to note that this bottle has a nice flat lid - perfect for tipping the bottle of polish upside down so the larger glitter ends up at the top.  This polish was released back in May (I think?) as part of the SoFlaJo Happy Hour Collection.  

Champagne Cocktail on its own is pretty bling-tastic, but layered over black the colors really begin to pop.  You can see the holo even more vibrantly using this layering technique.  Layering Champagne Cocktail over white almost seems to create white fire - a blazing hot mix of fire.  Pretty cool but not as in-your-face as when it's layered over black.

The Packaging

The packaging that my two polishes came in the cutest packaging I've ever received.  Each polish was wrapped in it's own bubble wrap, filled with confetti and a little extra surprise.  I did take the ribbon off the bottles because I was scared it would bump up against a not-quite-dry nail and leave a mark.  

I'm really pleased I finally bought these polishes and I'm actually wishing I hadn't waited so long! I know, I know, these polishes are meant to be worn as top coats but I just can't resist wearing them alone as a regular polish.  They're just so soothing by themselves and I'm not one for layering.  I can only see using Champagne Cocktail as a layering polish, but I don't know often that would actually happen.  

Note: I wasn't paid or perked in any way for writing this review.  See my Disclosure Policy page for more info.  

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