Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black and White

A positive aspect of having shorter nails is that stamping images fit much better on my nails when they're smaller.  Well, no traditional plate will ever fit my thumbs, they're just too wide.  But the rest of my nails are completely covered when they're short.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of black and white designs and I think it's a really elegant looking combination of colors.  This is my contribution to the monochromatic scene!

To create this design I used a base of Sally Hansen White On, then stamped Sally Hansen Black Out using Bundle Monster plate BM16.  This was my first time using plate BM16 and I did have some issues with getting the image to fully transfer to the stamper.  However, I'm not sure if that's the plate fault or if I'm just out of practice.

I love how this manicure turned out!  The day I wore this manicure my clothing outfit was pretty colorful and I felt more balanced because of the simplicity of my nails.


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    1. Oh dear, I messed up my own comment D:

      Hello! I found your blog while googling :) I find it interesting how you've been beating an old habit while keeping track of it through this blog.

      I saw your progress and you've come a long way! The manicures are also very creative. So far I'm liking every color you use.

      Keep up the good work with you're pretty nails!


  2. This is a beautful mani! I love it! Very nice stamping. : )

    I nominated you for the "Por Tu Naturalidad Award" (translates to mean for being natural and putting enjoyment before competitiveness) detail linked here...



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