Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Sort of Scale Design

I'm back in one of those "not feeling like painting much" moods, which is not exactly where I'd like to be right now!  It could have something to do with the amount of overtime I'm working, the lack of a maid, and the lack of a personal chef...

Today's stamping manicure was brought on by this funk - my nails were naked.  The horror! The shame!  So I threw on a quick coat of China Glaze White Cap.  Now if you've ever used White Cap you know that's it terribly sheer (and if you haven't used White Cap, well, now you know!) and one coat doesn't really cover much.  From previous experience I prefer a total of four coats of White Cap to be satisfied with the opacity and then it's still pretty sheer.  I threw White Cap in my purse and went to work ... where I added my second coat of White Coat during lunch.  A third coat occurred sometime before dinner, and the four came while my boyfriend and I were playing a cutthroat friendly game of Dominion.

After I solidly beat him at Dominion, I pulled out the Red Angel stamping plates that I accidentally bought.* The shimmer of White Cap reminded me a bit of fish scales so using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue I stamped the scale pattern from Red Angel plate RA-111. Voilà! A finished manicure!

These photos are of the same hand, I just flipped one and forgot to flip the other!

What do you think?

*How does one accidentally buy stamping plates you ask?  Simply put them in your Amazon.com cart and forget to take them out when you buy something else!

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