Monday, March 5, 2012

Pedal Faster Suzi

One brash moment two weeks ago I decided to get acrylic nails.  Why?  I was at a nail salon with my friend who was getting acrylic french tips for her engagement pictures.  Going to the nail salon has been our thing but we hadn't gone in a long time.  Since my nails were weak and short after that stressful exam I took early in February, I thought this would help strengthen them. Terrible idea!

This plan had worked before but then I was trying to keep from biting my nails in the first place.  I was so bummed after I got the acrylics.  I wanted them off immediately but resisted.  I held out for a week before I ripped them off - yes, ripped.  I did a week of OPI Nail Envy treatment before finally painting my nails for the Week 9 challenge post.

Despite my poor choice to put acrylics on my nails, I really liked my color choice!

I picked OPI Petal Faster Suzi from the OPI Spring 2012 Holland Collection, a pretty pastel pink with silver microshimmer.  I bought several of the Holland colors at Ulta right after they came out and this color wasn't among them.  I thought I had too many pinks already like it.  Maybe I do, but I really like this color and how it looked on my nails.  I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'll purchase it.

What is your deciding factor for whether or not you buy a polish?

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