Friday, May 3, 2013

NerdLacquer All of Time and Space

The last polish I have to share with you this week is based off a quote from the Doctor at the start of the fifth series and beginning of the Eleventh Doctor.

So... All of time and space. Everything that ever happened or ever will.  Where do you want to start?
I'm not up to date on Series 7 and looking for clips this past week has induced a severe doctor nostalgia.

On my nails are five coats of NerdLacquer All of Time and Space.  Yes, five coats.  Why so many?  The mint base is very sheer in this polish and I wasn't in the mood for visible nail line. Once you get a few coats on the nail bed, the additional layers add depth to the silver micro glitter and the fuchsia medium hexagonal glitter.

Here's the big question for you though.  Does this polish make you want to take off in the middle of the night with a raggedy man?


  1. the video is deleted for me :(

    1. Sorry about that. I found a new one to embed that should work for you!

  2. I'll take off with 9, you have can 10 :)



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