Friday, March 22, 2013

Racetrack Nails

After wearing Zoya Godiva almost every day since it arrived, I decided I needed to spice it up a little bit with some simple nail art.  For this look I'm trying a simple strip down the center of my nail with a little bling.

I started with Zoya Nyx, dabbing a line down the center of each of my nails.  On either side of that line I painted Zoya Godiva to frame Nyx.  I repeated this process one to two times more in order to reach an opaque finish that showed no visible nail line.

While the polish was still wet I dropped a silver rhinestone near my cuticles in the center of Nyx to add a little extra sparkle.  I was hoping the incredibly slow drying time of the PixieDust polishes would help to anchor the rhinestone in place.  And help it did!  The rhinestones pushed down through the color and the sidewalls of the rhinestones were held in place by the polish.  When the rhinestones popped off, a hole could be seen in the polish straight to my base coat.

While sparkly and awesome, this manicure wins the "Most Annoying Manicure" award of the year!  Poor rhinestones didn't even last twenty-four hours before I popped them off; the texture overload on my nails was too much for me to bear.

What are your thoughts on rhinestones?

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  1. Just found your blog today, through googling Zoya Godiva. I just wanted to see what it looked on fingernails closer to mine. Then I hung around and read your story, and watched the "before" photos. And it made me giggle... and gag. No offense, but we are dissimilar just as we are similar. I also have short nails all the time, but not from biting, but from my nail phobia. I am totally grossed out by the idea of my nails tearing, so I keep them short to prevent it. Cutting the kids nails used to be totally gross. I can tolerate it now. And for myself I've started playing around with nail polishes to take the "gross" out of my nails. I even, on occasion grow them "long" (ie 1 mm past their nail bed).

    I know, I sound like a total nutjob. And I probably am! But thanks for having a nice blog, with pretty, short nails (for a nail blog anyway). Those other ones with long nails, well, they still gross me out. :oP



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