Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End in Sight?

A month of not being able to stop biting my nails.  A month of working full time (as opposed to being a graduate student two days and a working member of society three days).  A month of meetings, projects, laboratory experiments, and Chinese language classes.  My nail care regime has been cuticle oil and hand lotion (I love that these products are made in the USA), though nothing really helps bitten nails look better.  

Since Zoya released their new Touch collection I've been itching to grow my nails out to be able to wear polish again.  Since the biting hasn't been able to stop I'm going to get acrylics (not the drugstore ones).  I mean serious business - this biting has got to stop.  I'm really self-conscious about the way my nails look but I bite in private and then try to hide my nails in public.  No good.  

Last week Zoya had a promotion for "get two polishes with any purchase" and I bought Shay and Caitlin.  They'll be here soon and then I'm going to take my bottle of Shay to the nail salon and hopefully get my nail biting under control.

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