Thursday, June 23, 2011

Base Coat Promotion

I've been having base coat troubles.  Trouble mostly with long lasting polish (or any polish in general) chipping off after a day, or a few hours, when it should last for at least a week.  Trouble also with the color polish I'm using turning my nail bed yellow/blue/discolored.

Zoya's newest promotion, buy their color lock system get a free set of nail polishes, is my chance to not only get a base coat that thousands swear by but then get six free polishes (promotion goes through 6/28 if you're interested!).  I still have to grow out my nails to actually be able to paint them something, but I figure I'll do a review of the base coats when I use them.  I think I'm unique compared to Zoya's other clientele because I work in a laboratory with chemicals and in a machine shop with power tools - my coworkers are male and don't wear polish.

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