Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blue and Silver

Did my nails for a Brewer's game tonight.  I don't have any Brewer's gear so I did blue nails with a silver design (I don't have yellow nail polish).

The base coat is Zoya's Robyn, the silver is Avon's Glisten with Konad plate M60.

I messed up when I bought my first Konad kit - I didn't buy the special nail polish.  I thought you could use any old nail polish to do the stamping with.  Nope!  After a night of trying and trying to get something to stick to the Konad stamper I read posts on the internet that said in order for non-Konad polish to work it must be thick and typically metallics are this way.  So I dug out my decades old Avon polish (of which I have several metallics) and lo and behold - it worked!  I did go out and buy the Konad polish in black and white

PS - does anyone know how to keep nail polish from sticking so much to the skin surrounding the nail?  Q-tips seem to big and bulky to get the job done.

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